Looking for 1 hand grip for a 1971 Ski-Daddler. There is no name or markings on it. Perhaps other years or even other brands used the same grip. It's for a 1" handlebar. NOS or good used is fine too. Thanks VS.
Wanted chain link fence
Forever Furry Friends Rescue is in need of unused or unwanted blankets, comforters, throws, pillows, cushions, towels etc. We use them to make pet beds and bedding for carriers, kennels that our rescue animals use in both the rescue and their foster homes to keep them comfortable being a lot we get in are sick or need some special care before they can be adopted out. Can arrange to pick up or c...
Looking for decent tennis balls so kids can play at the local park.
Rescue in need of carriers, kennels, crates of all sizes for Trap Neuter projects, for small and large cats and dogs. If broken not a problem we can use the parts to repair other kennels or carriers. With a large number of calls, texts, emails requesting help with cats and dogs needing rehoming we need to keep up with the demand and without enough kennels, crates or carriers we are limited to w...
Looking for a 1999 era Scrabble game with turntable - and hopefully all the parts. Thank you, Kate
I really like these for storage/organizing and moving purposes. If you maybe go through a lot of them in an office work places and would want to give some away. Thanks
I make prayer shawls with a group at my church. The shawls are made by hand, each stitch with a prayer, and given to a person going through cancer treatment or who has just lost a spouse, etc. We need yarn - 4 ply worsted, NO WOOL PLEASE.
when you weed out your garden this spring, if you are throwing out hydrangea plants, pls let us know; we will need them for our garden. thank you!
I need a large piece of carpet 6'x 10'or larger. It can be very ugly and/or damaged. It is basically going to serve as a giant doormat to reduce the dirt tracked in.
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